Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear from the mouth of babes,

I've decided to take my nieces and nephews out on a date when they have a birthday. They get to choose the activity (within a set price range) and I get the chance to spend time with them one-on-one. It's a win-win, but I really feel like I am getting the better end of the deal.

Here are a few of the things that have been said while out on these dates.

Berlin, 4 years old
1) I think I'd rather have a toy than see a movie.
2) Let's go home and play with the toy. I can be Belle, and YOU can be the horse.
3) My mom is going to say, "This toy is awesome. Way to go Berlin!"

Kemry, 5 years old
1) My favorite color is the rainbow...with a little bit of brown.
2) I really need to have ice cream. I'm exhausted.
3) Best! Ice Cream! Ever! (said about a DQ cone dipped in chocolate)

But I think the best part is when I arrive to pick them up. Both these girls shrieked, yelled and giggled with delight. It melts my heart.

So for those of you who are out of state, know that when I see you and your children next I will be making up for lost time; just accept it and know that I will be taking my nieces and nephews out on a date.

Dear SLC 2012 Half Marathon,

I look forward to improving my time and finishing with my iPod functioning the entire race.

Bring it.