Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dear vacation,

You are wonderful.
Completely rejuvenating.

I am looking into the possibility of making you a career...but then I guess that kind of defeats your purpose if it is work. But man, what a day job that would be.

Walk in the Blue Mountains, Australia - shout out to Fern Gully, the Last Rainforest. "Can't you feel it's pain?" referencing the hurt we cause trees by our need to write our names in their bark.

Nothing makes me happier than the beach. Maroubra Beach outside of Sydney.

When asked, 'What animal would you want to be if you had the choice?' I decided a tiger...even though I think I look like a koala.

See the resemblance?

My view in Samoa for a week. Not too bad.

I love coconuts. True happiness.

Samoan fire dancers.
Hot in more ways than one.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dear When in Rome,

(...and by Rome, I mean Australia + Samoa...)

In Sydney, I saw a show at the Opera House. Yes, THE Sydney Opera House.

In Brisbane I fed kangaroos. I also attempted to kiss one as well, but he would have nothing to do with me...strangely paralleling my dating life...

I experienced 24 hours non-stop rain...and we're not talking a sprinkling, we're talking torrential downpours that closed roads, shut down schools, businesses, you name it. It was nuts.

I saw my best friend get married and loved every minute!

In Samoa, I ate fresh papaya, coconut, oranges, bananas and some other fruits I don't know the names for.

I slept in a hut 50 ft from the beach.

Every day I went to the beach.
Every day I swam.
Every day I napped.
Every day I was bit by at least 10 mosquitoes.

And last but not least...

I received 2 marriage proposals.
I was asked out by 3 Samoan men.

Pictures forthcoming.