Monday, February 2, 2009

Dear RTA,

RTA (v.) - reply to all; a function in email that allows you to reply to all parties that sent and received an email. Sometimes used inappropriately causing an excess of non-relevant replies to flood one's Inbox. Very annoying. Very amusing.

For example - this is the original email I received at work:

Subject: Please stop feeding the cats

The County Animal Services has requested that we ask our employees to stop feeding the feral cats that are hanging around the campus. There is an ordinance prohibiting feeding cats without licensing them, apparently feeding them is claiming some sort of ownership, so please refrain from feeding these feral cats or catch them and take them home.

Human Resources

As if the original notice from HR wasn't weird enough...this was the BIZARRE RTA that followed MINUTES after...

This RTA resulted in a chain of back and forth, off-line email conversations among my coworkers and I, trying to figure out who would do this sort of thing. I have never met the guy who sent the email, but he will always be known as the cat Cheezburger guy who inappropriately RTAs.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dear Super Bowl,


It's true, before tonight's game I thought the Steelers were playing the St. Louis Cardinals (option #3...with the cardinal perched on the baseball bat). Sports fans everywhere - you have my permission to collectively roll your eyes, shake your head and sigh in disappointment.

BUT REALLY - just for kicks - think how much fun that game would be if it were to happen...picture this, a Steelers linebacker bolting from home plate in an attempt to tackle the Cardinals pitcher while he stood on the mound, just getting ready to throw a curve ball. Or have the QB throw a pass to home only to have the batter swing at the pig skin with his Louisville Slugger and knock it out of the park.

I find it to be an amusing image - but then again I could have just committed some serious sports blasphemy crossing these 2 very different American sports.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a sports fanatic nor am I even remotely concerned about what's going on during the game (despite my past as a high school cheerleader). I will however admit that I liked a few ads. I've heard it said the ads are the best part of the Super Bowl - I say that's true, but on an ad by ad basis. Some are good. Some are awful.

#1 - Freak outs in the car relating to work frustration?
I have no idea what they are talking about...

#2 - "...what are you going to do, turn off your TV and computer?? hahahahaha..."

- these ones I refuse to post in an effort to lessen the amount of garbage on the internet - but let's just say some of them had to do with Go-Daddy, E*Trade and Doritos. Sex unfortunately still seems to sell (boo), talking babies are not funny and eating chips to blast a female's outfit from her body? yeah, that guy deserved getting hit by a bus.

Oh and another non-football Super Bowl highlight? When Bruce Springsteen ran into the camera, crotch first. Celebrities! They're just like us!!