Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dear (500) Days of Summer,

I saw you.
I loved you.
I will be seeing you again...
The story is bittersweet but in a good way.

Great soundtrack.
Great actors.
Great clothes.

It's official that I'm in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. My how far he's come since 10 Things I Hate About You. And Zooey Deschanel...who wouldn't want to be you? U R A Q T.


Meredith said...

Okay, I totally want to see this one. I love me a little Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Have you seen the previews for "Time Traveler's Wife"? I feel like that is one that we would both love!

lyndsey said...

we too looooved the movie.

10 things i hate about you??!? [fantastic movie, of course.] how about angels in the outfield. that's all i thought about during the movie.

and do you know i live in utah now?

Ryan & Cynthia Clan said...

I knew you'd love it! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I loved JGL more than I thought I ever would (my only previous knowledge was 3rd rock from the sun - bad bad tv). And Zooey, I've always loved her. She's in a band called "She and Him", Ryan has some on his ipod. She rocks that too. I just love her.

Shannon said...

I really need to see this. I'm trying to imagine Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a love interest... trying!

I also really miss you! I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Hope to see you soon!

Kari said...

val...i am behind on the blog scene. but, i saw this movie 2 times in the first week it was out. and now, i walk around L.A. thinking I will run into Joseph and that we should be best friends. more than friends. maybe. someday. now.