Monday, January 19, 2009

Dear Snowbird,

The mountain and I were in love on Saturday. Slowly but surely I'm getting the hang of toe side.

And...remember when I somehow ended up doing moguls? Yeah, that wasn't the plan.

Five more days til the weekend.
I'm officially one of those people who would...rather be snowboarding.

Noelle - I'll be ready for your trip in February. I promise you won't be embarrassed to ski with me. Just no double blacks ok?

Cheryl and Curtis taking a lift to the top. We practically had the mountain to ourselves in the morning.

Cheryl and I taking a lift to the top. Cheryl looked like a pro in her new jacket. She happily pulled me along at one point (Cheryl skies) with her pole as I was stuck, at a standstill on a catwalk. My normal hop hop move wasn't getting me anywhere, nor was my primate push (picture what an ape would like walking, hands on the ground pushing along with the feet). Without Cheryl I would have had to unstrap - which I hate doing - it's one of the downsides of snowboarding: not enough speed/skill + a slight incline = no forward movement.

I am happy as a snow bum even with a broken binding, a paper clip zipper jacket and gloves tearing at the seams. It all makes me sound a lot more hard core than I am. The fact of the matter is, it's what I get for getting cheap stuff on sale. Boo.

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Sara & Chris said...

Oh I wish I was there to lend you a pole! We must get go skiing together soon! Love your guts! XOXO