Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear TA,

It was a great 19 months.
A great cowboy day with a mechanical bull ride.
A great free soda day...every day.
A great 2 seasons of the TA Cocoa Order.
A great attempt at the Biggest Loser.
A great 2 Halloween parties - and 2 great costume contest wins.
A great lunch at the Crown Burger in Clearfield.
A great time black berrying.
A great time making life-long friends.
A great memory of a coworker scratching a client's car...a great brand new car.
A great lunch at the Red Robin in Layton.
A great 'I Love You' email sent as a 'Reply To All.'
A great time of Costco pizza lunches.
A great blind date for the company summer party at Lagoon.
A great lunch at the Thai restaurant in Layton.
A great time of's Word of the Day emails.
A great "cooking class."
A great time at FPU.
A great trip or two to the Top Stop.
A great race in the parking lot where Brett fell...bad.
A great time of group skyping.
A great carpool.
A great time at the park eating McDonalds' chicken nuggets.
A great time laughing.
A great Hill Billy Olympics.
A great April Fool's prank involving a missing basketball hoop.
A great hour of working from my car with great wireless.
A great trip to the Centerville DI.
A great time wearing jeans every day, rain/snow boots in the winter, hats and hoodies.
A great time problem solving.
A great time of living in the city and a great time working in the country.
A great time on camping trips with friends first, coworkers second.
A great memory of Cinco de Mayo 2008.
A great time of classic pages.
A great time at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas with friends first, coworkers second.
A great kids club.
A great time work flowing.
A great time of running around corners and down the halls.
A great time of Leap Day activities.
A great time account coordinating and managing.

For now, I'll remember the great.
But eventually, I'll enjoy having a life outside of work unattached to the blackberry. So great.

Your former Workflow Manager, Various/Legacy Account Manger, Pinch Hitter and Problem Solver

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Monday Morning,

You always come a little too soon. Just 30 more minutes of sleep please?

A fan of the snooze button and sleeping in

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dear Fakin' It,

That's me!

I purchased a snowboard, boots and bindings this weekend. For those who know me, this will probably come as a surprise seeing as how I've only been snowboarding once in my life. ONCE.

Carpe Diem anyone?

It all started when a friend gave me his bro-code to (because he works there, he gets a discount and can share it with his friends...his bros if you will). I started looking for a coat that would go with some pants I purchased on a whim last season. I found one, purchased it, picked it up, tried it on and loved it.

Saturday rolls around and I decide to 'look' for a board, boots and bindings. I recruit my friend Stevie to come with me and we go to Milo Snowboard in Holladay and started looking around. I sucked up my pride and asked a guy for help seeing as how I am very much a beginner snowboarder and had no clue what to look for - except that I knew I didn't need or want anything fancy.

Anyway...70 minutes later at Milo's, I walked out with a snowboard, boots and yup, bindings. So much for research. The thing is, I liked what I walked out with and I don't have an ounce of buyer's remorse. I've put all my gear on a total of 3 times in the past 36 hours just to make sure. But I do sort of feel like a poser because I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to snowboarding. Again, I've been once. One day. I haven't even ventured to toe side or carving...just heel side. Trust me, I know how ridiculous this sounds and to quote my roommate Cheryl probably says it best - "I'm really impressed that you would go all in after only having been once." Translation: You're either a fool or really adventurous. I choose the second. Everyone is a beginner at one point or another, right? I'm just a little later than most.

For all I know, I could be a pro-boarder waiting to break loose from her shell to which her 9-9 job has confined her.

So now, all I have to decide is where to buy a season pass...