Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear November Snowfall

Even though I'm not excited to drive with you on the ground, I am anxious to get on the slopes and try out snowboarding again.

In this instance, I prefer to look for the silver lining (snow = snowboarding) rather than focus on the opposition (snow = driving nightmare).

Dear President Elect Obama,

Yes we can...and will...because we did.

Dear Halloween,

Hands down TA is the best place for a costume contest. Where else can you wear a sweatsuit to work and get away with it?

The $60 we won was worth the lunch hour spent spray painting cardboard and discussing choreography for a minute and a half skit which involved real tetris music, marching, falling into place and a quick "up, down, wave, wave, turn, turn" sequence.

Trust me, it was a hit.