Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dear 5K,

I can now check you off my life "To Do" List and you are precisely the reason why I will never run a full-marathon.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dear Sincerely Cheryl,

I sincerely miss you.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Dear Identity Theft,

Dwight was right, "Identity theft is not a joke...millions of families suffer every year."

Recent events with my Facebook account have made me rethink the number of friends I need to have affiliated with my profile. I have accepted and extended many requests to siblings/relatives, childhood playmates, high school comrades, college buddies, and coworkers. All people with various degrees of awareness concerning my personal life, work life, family life and the personality quirks that make me who I am.

Back to the aforementioned "recent events." I was hacked. My facebook account was grossly violated. Some crack genius, probably a person with way too much time on their hands, assumed my identity on facebook and made a spam wall post to all my "friends" with this message: "What's up! You have a secret crush go here to find it at www.some lame fake (remove spaces)."

Adding to my simple annoyance that a person did me...were the idiotic comments on my wall the next day from people I rarely/never talk to (whether it be via facebook, phone, sidewalk chalk, email, carrier pigeon or those planes that fly around with a banner flapping behind). Now for those of you who I do talk to on a quasi-regular basis (and you better know who you are), I appreciated your comments; in fact they lightened my mood given the circumstances. But seriously, if you know me AT ALL and were a true friend, you would know I would a) NEVER write wall posts about a secret crush and b) I would never direct you to some blog to find out who it is. If I really did know someone who harbored secret feelings for you, I would tell you and if I did feel the need to write about it on your wall, I would never start off with greetings such as "Yo!" "Wots up" "Hey therre" or "Dude." Be smart people. In fact, if you're my facebook friend, you should BE smart. I've obviously been too generous in extending friend requests and accepting requests.

So...why am I proponent of strict qualifications for facebook friendships? Because in times of Facebook identity fraud, I would like to think that my friends or at least really good acquaintances would realize automatically I got hacked instead of checking with me to confirm whether or not I really did know the identity of their secret crush. It looks like my facebook friend list is in need of some serious purging - similar to the cell phone contact purges we are all guilty of. It's a fact of life - which now, I'm led to believe is the case for identity theft as well.