Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dear NY Trip

Although I like the theory of moving out and living in the city, in practicality, I think I would go crazy. Rain in the city is no fun. Well, rain in the city w/o an umbrella is no fun. No AC in the city is no fun. Climbing 6 flights of stairs and reaching the top drenched in sweat is no fun. True - these are all character building experiences, but I think my parents would agree that I already have too much character for my own I think I'll stay in UT for a little bit longer.

That being said, thank you for the great time (hot, humid, thunderstorms excluded).

The happy couple Noelle and Matt Lybbert (aka the entire reason I was in NYC - thanks for getting married guys!)

Laura, Noelle and me outside the temple after a Nicolai crossed over to Lybbert side. Best bridesmaids dresses ever: looked great on everyone, lasted through the entire day looking fabulous, it was great to dance in - so much room, really is re-wearable and don't you worry, it will be worn again and again and BEST of all, it had POCKETS. Thank you Noelle.

My hero, Getting Low, Dance Captain L. Rees.

Of course, the wedding didn't last all weekend (sadly) so I was able to spend some time with another dear friend, Alicia, who suffered through a 4-hour concert because I wanted a NY experience with her. And what better NYC experience than a true Rock concert. I didn't know any of the bands; Alicia was acquainted with ONE. It was a great evening that started with Fixer, the opening band, fully clothed....

...and their set ended with the lead singer, NOT so fully clothed. Best quote of the evening was from him: "In case you have forgotten, this is effing (edited) New York City. We're here to rock all day, every day, all the time."