Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dear I'm Coming to NY

Dear Bride-2-Be,
I can't wait to see you.
I might even let go of my personal boundary walls and let you give as many touches as you'd like [it's not perverted for you perverts out there].

Mon Amie Parisienne,
Merci pour me permettre à rester chez toi. Tu es tellement gentille.

Dear Former Supervisor,
Here's to a true business lunch - under 30 minutes in the heart of the financial district. You'll realize how much I've grown since my internship days. Bring on the networking. Bring on the industry connections.

Dear Former Traditional Mascot of UHS,
Reminiscing over salads about the good ole days sounds quite delightful. Remember the spandex? The lilac spandex?

Dear everything I hope I can do while I'm in the city,
If I am unable to do/see/eat something, consider it on the itinerary for my next trip out.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dear New Car,

I. Love. You.
Even if you are another monthly payment I have to make AND the main reason why I am no longer debt free.

I’ll make sure you stay clean if you promise to run for a really long time.

Here’s to a wonderful life together.