Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Moab,

Thank you for the great weather, frisbee in the park, the Delicate Arch hike, the Colorado River - class III rapids, the wet suits & life vests, putting the wet suits on, helping others get their wet suits on, River Guide Jake, tailgate breakfast time, sleeping sans tent under the stars...illegally...sort of, early morning yoga from Cheryl, sunrises, detours in West Helper, slightly melted PB M&Ms, endless amounts of drinking water, true love in the Price Taco Bell parking lot, excellent road trip conversation, sing-a-longs, Chaco's tan lines, naps in the park, pizza buffet eating contests, jalapeƱo cheese bread from Maverick, Judd the bus driver who needed a lift and many many many more memories...priceless.


Piquantly Parisian said...

Totally jealous.

Mama Bear said...

You looked like you had sooo much fun!! Only slightly jealous!!