Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dear Problem Solver

Much to my dismay, I'm sending out a disclaimer with my business card. The secondary title of 'Problem Solver' needs some clarification. There comes a point in everyone's career...or life...when one must acknowledge one's own fallible nature. That point has come for me. I will happily help solve problems in any way I can, however, that may not mean I have the solution. Yes, I am admitting that I am not perfect - I do not have all the answers - I can't always fix things (I think this is good that I begin to realize this now, because I feel like once I am a parent, this will be a daily lesson).

I am now and forever stating for the record that I am not an IT consultant. My years in college working on both PCs and Macs have only provided a very shallow basis of understanding the difference between those two platforms - as in, I refuse to do spreadsheets in Excel or PPT presentations on a Mac and I will only use InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop on a Mac. I've never built a computer, nor had the desire to do so, so when I get asked the question - Why won't that work? - my response of a shoulder shrug will have to suffice. If you need assistance, call customer service tech support at Microsoft or Apple.


Sarah Larsen said...

I can't STAND excel on my Mac. It pains me.

Darby said...

My twin worked at the computer labs at USU and would get some pretty random questions about certain programs that she didn't have the answer for. Her favorite was when people would walk in, see 10 people waiting for a computer and say "Is there a wait?" What do you think computer genius?

Piquantly Parisian said...

I totally understand. Yesterday I was running around trying to get an Illustrator CS3 file to open in CS. Forget AE, it seems I'm now IT.