Monday, March 24, 2008

Dear Golden Birthday*

aka March 24

Here's to:
  • gluten free sweet potato cake with coconut filling and caramel frosting
  • Thai Siam and friends eating with friends
  • a wonderful Banana Republic shirt
  • hand-painted masterpieces
  • hand-crafted pottery
  • pearl necklaces
  • pre-birthday pavlova
  • sleeping in an extra 45 minutes
  • being wished a happy birthday the second I walked into work
  • feeling cute at 24
  • getting a gift basket full of scented lotions, body wash, bath salts and body splash
  • a miniature cut out of Brad Pitt wishing me a Happy Birthday
  • a birthday queen crown that doesn't quite fit but is still pretty rad
  • wonderful birthday cards with comments that would make any past yearbook jealous
  • a thorough analysis of the meanings behind work birthday presents
  • amazing gold jewelery
  • 90-minute lunches where our work party of 14 caused the local restaurant to reconsider letting anyone come back who is affiliated with our place of employment
  • presents disguised as Easter gifts, but are still really birthday presents
  • decorated desks, streamers, balloons, presents, candy, ice cream and donut holes
  • being sung Happy Birthday by all my coworkers in the weekly status meeting
  • celebrating all weekend long and continuing the celebration all week long
  • a Lagoon Season Passport (see previous post)
  • thoughtful friends' boyfriends who purchase books about coping with work stress aka 'emotional traps in the work place'
  • a little surprise in the fridge - aka a BLT salad from Trio
  • mint chocolate chip ice cream at Baskin Robbins
  • Shiny Toy guns playing while eating ice cream
  • friends who come to give hugs at Baskin Robbins
  • yellow tulips
  • opening presents on the balcony
  • taking pictures on the balcony
  • hopping the curb in the Corolla
  • watching Enchanted and enjoying it
  • getting candy from the neighbor
  • going to the anti-gravity hill
  • emails from family that make me feel loved
  • smiles from people that make me feel loved
  • messages from friends that make me feel loved
  • being loved
Thanks to everyone who have made my golden birthday truly precious (everyone together now...Awwwwww).

*A Golden Birthday is defined as the birthday when the age one turns matches the date of birth. For example, for me, born on March 24 means my 24th birthday is my golden birthday.

1 comment:

noelle regina said...

so glad it was a good one.
wish i knew about the golden birthday rule when i was 20. damn it!