Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dear Modern Technology

I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the little things that make this century so much better than centuries past.

Thank you Black & Decker for manufacturing such an easy-to-use drill that made hanging my curtains a breeze. Tim Allen & Home Improvement - eat your heart out.

Thank you cell phones for having alarms that wake me up and get me out of bed each morning. I don't think a Rooster at sunrise would ever cut it.

Thank you car defrosters for making my routine window de-icing each morning happen in 10 minutes. My not-so-numb fingers appreciate it.

Thank you Apple & iPod for making trips to the gym bearable. Too bad NBC and iTunes no longer have a contract this year - I really miss The Office.

Thank you airplanes for being a mode of transportation that is more comfortable and time efficient than a covered wagon. I can visit my friends and family without it taking months and I don't have to arrive covered in dirt and smelling like horse.

Thank you free rental car upgrades that make driving so much more fun - ingenious to have the radio volume increase as the pedal gets put to the metal. GENIUS.

Thank you digital cameras for allowing me to take pictures and instantly remember what happened 2.5 seconds earlier.

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Sara & Chris said...

Dear Private Blogger,
Thank you for allowing me on your blog! I appreciate letting me in on your personal writings! Thank you blogger for allowing me to delete my previous comment!

Happy Posting!