Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dear the Day that would not end...

Dear 9am status call,
Thank you for making me late to my 9:30 status call.

Dear 9:30 status call,
Thank you for making me hate life.

Dear computer,
Thank you for dying 10 minutes after 9:30 status call as I was in the middle of drafting a conference report.

Dear client,
Hope you are okay with getting what you need after Christmas - and actually - I don't care if you're not. Scheduling during the holidays is a ______.

Dear email that I never sent out and now it's too late and pointless to do so,
Whoops and my bad.

Dear lunch that didn't quite cut it,
I wish you had been twice as big.

Dear Thursday,
Please be 6pm so I can shut down my computer, leave my desk and not think about work for at least 12 hours.

Dear gym,
Looking forward to seeing you tonight to blow off steam from the day.

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